Newark schools would get $120 million increase in 2023 in governor’s budget

Newark schools would receive more than $1 billion in state aid next year, an increase of about 13% from this year, under a budget blueprint Gov. Phil Murphy detailed Thursday.

The $120 million boost for Newark is part of the governor’s pitch to increase K-12 school funding by $650 million in 2023. Overall, Murphy’s budget provides $19.2 billion to support schools, which includes $9.9 billion in school aid, $80 million to cover capital projects, and $350 million for school facilities projects. Roughly $5.6 billion would go toward funding teachers pensions, according to a press release from Murphy’s office.

The proposed budget also includes $68 million for preschool aid.

“We place great value on providing all students with access to a world-class education, and this budget continues to support students and school districts,” said Murphy, who detailed the proposal at James Monroe Elementary School in Edison alongside acting Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillan and other state officials. “By adequately funding our public schools, we are allowing towns to maintain high-quality educational programs without passing the additional cost on to property taxpayers.”

This year, Newark is receiving about $915 million in state aid, which was a bump from last year. The proposed budget increase would dovetail with significant federal COVID relief funds Newark schools are getting. The district has received $282 million in federal COVID aid.

Though the governor is proposing an increase in state aid, the school state aid formula has not been fully funded for years. Murphy’s office said in a statement that the budget proposal continues a seven-year plan — ending in 2025 — to give underfunded districts, such as Newark, the state aid they’re entitled to.

Not all of New Jersey’s other large school districts will see a boost in funding next year if state lawmakers approve Murphy’s budget. About $185 million is proposed for Jersey City schools, which would be a decrease of about 27% from this year.

The state must adopt next year’s budget by the end of June. Newark plans to propose its budget for next school year on March 23.

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