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Vermont governor praises removal of testing requirement at Canadian border

The removal of COVID-19 testing requirements at the Canadian border is being met with praise from Vermont Gov. Phil Scott.

The governor announced the Canadian government is dropping testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers at the border beginning April 1. Canada said testing won’t be required for fully vaccinated travelers entering the country by air, land, or water.

Scott said the move will help stimulate Vermont’s business and tourism industries.

“The move from the Canadian government is a welcomed step forward,” Scott said in the release. “In addition to reuniting our border communities, this change will also bring Canadian businesses and travelers back to Vermont to enjoy our downtowns, outdoor recreation opportunities, and expand our economic ties.”

The governor said he has been in contact with the Canadian government “throughout the pandemic” and that the “testing policy has been at the top of the list.”

“We know that our border communities are culturally and economically inseparable, and we’re thrilled these communities will be able to more easily go about their daily lives as they did prior to the pandemic,” Scott said. “I look forward to continuing to strengthen Vermont’s ties with Canada and Quebec in the years to come.”

The Canadian government said in the release that regardless of fully vaccinated status, some travelers may be asked to take a COVID-19 molecular test on arrival as part of a random testing program. Those asked to take the test will not have to quarantine while awaiting results.

Despite dropping the testing requirement for fully vaccinated travelers, the Canadian government said in the release that individuals who are partially or unvaccinated will have to provide proof of an accepted COVID-19 test result.

“Adjustments to Canada’s border measures are made possible by a number of factors, including Canada’s high vaccination rate, the increasing availability and use of rapid tests to detect infection, decreasing hospitalizations and growing domestic availability of treatments for COVID-19,” Jean-Yves Duclos, Canada’s Minister of Health, said in the release. “As vaccination levels and health-care system capacity improve, we will continue to consider further easing of measures at the borders-and when to adjust those measures-to keep the people in Canada safe.”

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