Gov. Kelly signs bills aimed at aiding state’s economy

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has signed four bills, Senate Bills 65, 66, 90 and 124, which are designed to bolster the state’s economy and attract more business.

Eric Stafford, vice president of the Kansas Chamber’s Government Affairs, said the Kansas Chamber of Commerce stands in support of SB 65 and SB 66.

“SB 65 improves the state’s successful high-performance incentive program (HPIP) by providing qualified companies more flexibility,” Stafford told The Center Square.

Stafford believes that part of what is needed to help the state also is feeding the “entrepreneurial mentality,” he said.

“SB 66 makes several changes to the Angel Investor Tax Credit which is beneficial for start-up companies seeking access to capital. Kansas has rich history of being home to the birthplace of many successful companies, but our state could grow in its ability to attract entrepreneurs with more angel investors. We should continue to feed that entrepreneurial mentality in our schools and universities so the next generation from Kansas can become the leading innovators,” Stafford said.

Kelly said these bills will allow for Kansas to rebuild a bigger, better economy, state and workforce for all.

“As our state recovers from COVID-19, we have the opportunity to rebuild a stronger, healthier, more resilient workforce and economy in Kansas,” Gov. Kelly said, according to WIBW. “These bipartisan bills will help us achieve this goal by improving our ability to recruit cutting-edge businesses, revitalize our rural communities and address housing shortages statewide. I thank the Legislature and Department of Commerce for their work on this important legislation.”

SB 90 allows for building renovations in rural housing incentive districts. SB 124 extends STAR Bonds’ use to include major business facilities and rural development projects.

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