Marshall’s Mississippi Zoom Tour: Dr. Luke Lampton

Magnolia physician Luke Lampton joins Marshall to talk about the pandemic, how it is changing health care and to give a doctor’s perspective on House Bill 1303, which is working its way through the Legislature (and is sponsored by Republican Reps. Donnie Scoggin, Dana Criswell and Steve Hopkins). HB 1303 changes the relationship between physicians assistants and nurse practitioners with doctors, who traditionally monitor their work. Lampton, a member of the Mississippi State Board of Health and Mississippi State Medical Association, gives his point of view on why the bill isn’t necessary. Here is a link to a video of Rep. Scoggin, who is a nurse practitioner, explaining his perspective on why it should pass. As technology, the pandemic and ever-increasing medical costs change the landscape of how medical care is delivered, this is an interesting discussion.

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