Montana Gov. Gianforte signs election reform bills

Gov. Greg Gianforte signed two election-related bills that will require Montana voters to provide proof of identification at polls and to register, and closes off new voter registration the day before an election.

“Montana has a long history of secure, transparent elections, setting a standard for the nation,” Gianforte said in a Monday statement. “These new laws will help ensure the continued integrity of Montana’s elections for years to come. I thank Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen, Senator [Mike] Cuffe, and Representative [Sharon] Greef for their efforts and leadership to ensure our elections are fair and free of fraud.”

Senate Bill 169 was sponsored by Sen. Mike Cuffe, R-Eureka. It requires voters to present a Montana driver’s license, a tribal photo identification card, a state identification card number or a military identification card before voting.

House Bill 176 was sponsored by Rep. Sharon Greef, R-Florence. It closes late voter registration at noon the day before the election; 30 other states do not allow election day voter registration.

“Montana sets the standard for elections across the country, however, there is always room for improvement, and voter ID and voter registration deadlines are best practices in protecting the integrity of elections,” Jacobsen said in a statement.

“SB 169 could be the most important bill I ever carry in my legislative career. Election integrity is truly the rock, the cornerstone of our nation, and voter ID is a key component in protecting the integrity of Montana elections,” Cuffe said.

​“HB 176 respects local election officials and Montana voters by ensuring that election day is focused solely on voting and counting ballots,” Greef said. “Voters can still register up until the day before the election.”

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