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Flying Cars in the Near Future

Japanese company’s successful test of flying car Simple specs of the vehicle Skydrive reacts to being of the handful of successful tests The dream of flying cars Challenges for eVOTL … Read More

How the Pandemic Has Caused an Esports Boom?

Gaming experiences a boom during coronavirus pandemic Traditional sports try their luck in the industry Streaming and investing in the industry also increase How gaming is still impacted by the … Read More

With Senate Control at Stake, Trump and COVID Haunt Ernst’s Fight to Keep Her Seat

The week that Iowa reported its 90,000th confirmed case of COVID-19, Sen. Joni Ernst sat behind a plexiglass partition and told a debate audience watching from home what she thinks … Read More

‘All You Want Is to Be Believed’: The Impacts of Unconscious Bias in Health Care

In mid-March, Karla Monterroso flew home to Alameda, California, after a hiking trip in Utah’s Zion National Park. Four days later, she began to develop a bad, dry cough. Her … Read More